About Unicon Engineers

…Between the Idea & the Reality
…Between the Concept and the Creation

Industry as such and hence society overall is facing acute, never before competition today, with multi-nationals as well as large domestic players getting down in the smallest area of business & trade. In today’s typical modern society, almost half of all physical creation (fixed capital formation) is the responsibility of the Construction Industry. Construction Projects are setup to provide from basic shelter to large residential, commercial, industrial, infrastructural, recreational and institutional requirements and hence support the overall societal development. This vital trade deploys, resources like time, money, material, people, energy, space, provisions, communication, etc..

It is observed in today’s scenario that more than 50% of the Designer’s time and about 15% of the Client’s resources (direct & indirect in terms of time, money & wastages) gets consumed in overall monitoring, controlling and coordinating a conceptualized project to see it through its successful completion.

Here comes our role through UNICON ENGINEERS, a sister concern of UNITED CONSTRUCTION, an organization with a young devoted professional team, practicing since the year 1994 dedicated to cater to this need of Designers’ and Client by providing Total Turnkey Construction Solutions for small to mid-sized projects. We here strive to maintain the progress and productive mutual interaction of various parties in such a way that overall risks are reduced. We utilize our insight on behalf of our clients to proactively prevent factors that result in changes, budget overruns, delays, scheduling problems, errors & reworks, irregularities, litigations, etc. in a construction project.

Our organization is a team of passionate, professional, competent and skilled Engineers & Managers who visualize, innovate, plan and manage the client’s and designer’s idea to reality and helping each client with their project from conception to completion thereby providing them Total Turnkey Construction Solutions with value for their money.